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Value Management

Sustainable value

Value Management is concerned with the creation of sustainable value, either at project, product, process, organisational or social level. It is concerned with improving and sustaining a desirable balance between the needs and wants of stakeholders and the resources needed to satisfy them.

Budgets have always been at the forefront of buyers’ minds, but when Covid-19 changed the world this became a more significant issue. Material and freight costs have increased,  and budgets that were often awarded prior to the pandemic simply can’t buy the entire range that the project was specified for.

We’re here to help.

Finding the balance with alternative options

Value management doesn’t mean re-evaluating everything discussed for the project, it may be simply delivering an alternative option allowing budget to purchase that feature piece you have your heart set on, or it could be that budgets are limited and a client simply needs quality commercial furniture to be operational.
Value managing is about working with our clients to transparently find the balance between want vs need and price vs speed to get the optimum result.

Our process

Step 1

We take your brief

Step 2

We review furniture plan and analyse requirements

Step 3

We submit a value management proposal

Step 4

We facilitate delivery and installation