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Sustainable value

As procurement experts we specialise in sourcing furniture for businesses at the best possible price to ensure continued functionality and success. No more chasing suppliers, tracking multiple shipments or searching for deals. We do all the hard work for you.
With over fifteen years experience in the industry we enjoy trusted relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and this benefits our customers and clients in terms of quality and price. If you can’t find a product on our website there is a high likelhood we can successfully source and supply it to you.

Tailored options to suit your budget

As soon as we receive your brief we begin by identifying your requirements and parameters. Once that analysis is complete we will submit a proposal tailored to your needs and budget. We facilitate all types of furniture procurement projects and can work with you to ensure the outcome delivers on brief, within budget and to the highest quality in market.

Our process

Step 1

We take your brief

Step 2

We identify your requirements

Step 3

We submit a procurement assistance proposal

Step 4

We facilitate procurement, delivery and installation