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Stadium Seating

Finally, a sustainable solution

While working in the stadium seating industry earlier in his career, Ben discovered that faded and heavily oxidised plastic seats are less likely to be recycled and in turn end up in landfill.
This ignited a passion underpinned by the desire for a sustainable solution and he begun a journey to find a method of restoring the look of aging stadium/grandstand seats and plastics without the use of flame treatment which is time consuming and expensive.

Trialled and tested

After many discussions with plastics experts and stadium operators Ben began trials working on a unique solution using combination of natural products and other elements. Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust (MOPT) who were kind enough to supply him with some heavily aged and broken seats from their AAMI park venue. This enabled him to test various solutions in different environments.
After the first three months of testing in full Melbourne weather the treated product showed no sign of deterioration. With Ben’s method, tired seats can now look brand new achieving significant cost savings and avoiding thousands of seats going into landfill.

Reducing environmental impact

We use our unique process to restore stadium seating back to the original colour and condition followed by a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep seats looking great year after year. This planned maintenance approach has huge economic and environmental pay-off. Plastic seating can now have an almost indefinite lifespan with a quality look throughout that life.

The restoration process is quick, simple and fully managed by us no matter where you are in Australia. At Tully Seating Concepts we’re committed to quality of service and operating with integrity.

Our unique solution is an Australian exclusive

The unique process we use is currently exclusive in Australia. Using a combination of natural materials and other elements our method can save your organisation, business or institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs that can be used on other projects or upgrades.

Our process

Step 1

We take your brief

Step 2

We undertake a sample test phase

Step 3

We showcase our testing and submit a proposal

Step 4

We facilitate delivery and installation