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Medical Seating Specialists

Improving patient and visitor experience

At Tully Seating Concepts we work closely with our valued medical sector clients to create highly appealing and inviting spaces that improve the patient and visitor journey and experience.
Understanding the nuances and specialist requirements of this environment is the key to our success in this space. After working with five of Victoria’s major hospitals we are attuned to the user journey of people using these spaces, the needs of infection control for the project, nurse unit manager requirements, public access, BCA compliance, acceptable upholstery as well as the latest design and layout trends. We try to create an environment that removes some of the stress in a stressful situation.

High quality, comfortable medical sector seating is essential to both patient and visitor care outcomes. Not only can specialist seating encourage comfort, feelings of safety and improve visitor experience but can also aid in recovery and improve patient outcomes. Seating design should be functional, versatile and stylish; even custom-made to suit a particular location’s requirements. We also ensure that all products meet applicable Australian standards and that the seating allows for differently abled persons.

Whatever your vision is, our team will work with you to design and implement a solution that is tailored to your needs, functional to your requirements and appealing in its design.

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