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Conference Seating Specialists

Flexibility is key

At Tully Seating Concepts we work closely with our valued conference centre clients to create highly appealing and inviting spaces to support the needs of modern conference venues.
Creating and updating to warm spaces that attendees want to spend time in is our passion.  

High volume furniture that's versatile, flexible, stylish and quick to pack away... we have you covered.

Over the last decade the furniture in conference spaces has become more modern but the needs are still the same: high volume seating and tables that can be easily and quickly set up in multiple formations including conference, presentation and even dining, which can be stored away quickly taking up the minimal amount of your valuable space.

High quality, comfortable seating is essential to focus. Seating design should be functional, versatile and inclusive for all people; even custom-made to suit a particular location’s requirements. We ensure that all products meet applicable Australian standards and that the seating allows for differently abled persons.

Whatever your vision is, our team will work with you to design and implement a solution that is tailored to your needs, functional to your requirements and appealing in its design.

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